Insert mode issue

In the attached score, I want to have bar 25 as a single 3/2 bar with the first half note converted to a whole note. The order of events is not clear to me. I’ve put in a stop bar on beat 3 of bar 25, but when I try to enter anything the previous bar gets changed to a 6/4 bar and all sorts of odd things happen.

Ragu Pati.dorico (1.0 MB)

  1. Put a 4/4 at bar 26
  2. Change bar 25 to 3/2
  3. Select a note/rest at beat 3 of bar 25
  4. Shift-B +2q
  5. Adjust note values
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Thanks Craig. That worked brilliantly. I was trying to do it using insert mode, which according to the manual seemed to be the only way of doing it, but this is much simpler.

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