Insert Mode Red Icon

Would anyone else second the idea for a red icon for the Insert (Voice) Mode and possibly blinking! Just to help us to avoid forgetting it when it is enabled?


Good idea! There is a nice-looking altered caret when you’re inputting in Insert mode, but I like the idea of an even more obvious sign that you’re in Insert mode. Red might be confusing or alarming for people who aren’t expecting it, but a blinking icon on the left side of the screen could work really well.

At first I thought you meant that the caret itself would be red or blinking; that might be too much. I’ve gotten used to Insert mode and I don’t usually get myself in trouble, but I still do sometimes - and any clue that we have it activated would be useful.

Yes, just the lift side icon blinking would be great. The option to enable or disable such feature in preferences would be nice too!

I’d certainly like to have a different colour for the caret when Insert mode is on.


Yes! I’ve been caught out and it would be a great reminder.

Red certainly sounds good…

I love insert Mode.
And yes I would also like to have a reminder that it is active: red icon, blinking icon, or whatever caret morphing :slight_smile:

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