Insert mode safety / Insert mode stops

one minor thing which I’d love to see added to Dorico was some kind of safety catch on Insert mode. I don’t really know how I would want this to operate. But frequently I find I have accidentally put out one or several instruments out of sync for huge chucks of music, and it can be trciky sometimes to undo the damage. I know there is the insert stop, which I use, but sometimes one forgets. I wonder if there was a way to activate auto insert stops at double barlines or rehearsal figures something like that. (and I wish it would let you set multiple insert stops rather than just one per flow — I don’t see why there needs to be this limit).

Curious about other people’s thoughts / experiences on this. It’s definitely (for me at least) the biggest vulnerability to errors / workflow (in sibelius it was always accidentally changing pitches… , and there was never a much-requested pitch-lock feature added afaik)

oh it seems that I can now add multiple stop lines. Wonderful! Maybe this was a recent update?

I think it has always been one stop line per flow. Are you really seeing more than one?

oh yes, you’re right — they seemed to hold for a while, but then disappear, only the last one stays.

Definitely a request for future updates…