Insert Mode unexpected consequences

drag it vertically!

I’ve been trying that all along, but the system won’t let me drag it vertically – even if I drag by the three tiny lines at the top of the red bar.

However, I just found another way to delete it, like other objects, using the System Track. Select the red bar, click the System Track for that measure, then click the minus sign that pops up on the ST. I see another thread in the forum here that explains all that too.

Curious. (works OK for me)

That works too, but I normally have that disabled (too much on-screen clutter)

The Operation Manual for Dorico 4 certainly does describe the new Insert mode functionality. You can find it if you start reading here:

This page also includes a short embedded video that describes the changes to Insert mode in Dorico 4 comprehensively.

If you have a reproducible case of a problem – whether with Insert mode or indeed anything else in the software – then you should provide the project (ideally cut down to the smallest section that reproduces the problem) together with the steps required to show the problem. You can either post it here, or you can send it to me directly, either via a private message on the forum, or to my email (d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de). This is all described in one of the sticky threads here on the forum, which I will link here for your convenience:

dspreadbury, thanks for the detailed message. I’ve been making newbie errors & hope I haven’t burdened anybody who has been trying to help. Downloading the 4.1 version of the manual has helped, and I assume that a downloadable 4.2 version (online Web version isn’t an option in my environment) is on its way.

Insert Mode is still a bit confusing, though, and other users commented that they have actually given up on this feature. Also, Janus tells me that, if I understood him correctly, he can remove a Stop Position bar by dragging it vertically off the score, something that simply doesn’t work for me. (The manual mentions only dragging horizontally (p. 455) “until the mouse pointer is outside the music.”) But at this point, I suspect that most of my problems will resolve if I just continue to play with the interface and learn “where not to crash the car.” E.g., it took me a bit to realize that the manual’s “dragging right/left” suggestion usually makes sense only after a user switches to Page Mode.

I’ll take your advice and prepare a small version of a project that exhibits the strange symptoms I’m seeing. Maybe even include step-by-step screen shots to illustrate what I do to trigger the anomaly.

While I have you online, one other question: What does Dorico call the little notes / bookmarks that can be inserted into a score by selecting the lowest icon on the right-hand toolbox? The icon looks like a Windows notification icon, a little rectangular word balloon. The problem with searching for information like this in the manual is that you have to know the name of a fucntion before you can search for it. (If this is too far off-topic, I’ll start another thread, but it seems to be a waste to devote a thread to such a simple question.)

Thanks again for your ongoing support. I continue to be impressed with Dorico’s online support – some of the best I’ve seen in my (gulp!) nearly 50 years of using and programming computers. You guys are doing a great job and I hope you know how much it’s appreciated.

Here’s a screenshot re: my last question:

It’s the Comment Tool (ALT/OPT+C).

Derrek, thanks.

I use insert mode ALL THE TIME, and I love it. Do spend some time wrapping your head around the different versions of insert mode though, as they do behave differently, and the result is that it is an exceptionally powerful feature. This means it can do as much harm as good, depending on who is in the driver seat (not unlike a car, to follow through on the analogy).

There is one thing worth noting however: whenever I need to exactly copy multiple instruments for multiple measures, I find it best to go to the spot in the score where I need that to happen, and use the bars popover to add the correct number of measures in advance, and then copy and paste the contents of the measures, rather than trying to insert notes and time on the fly. Perhaps it’s just a preference thing.


Insert Mode: may be a bug?
Hi Daniel, I just had also a strange behaviour by insert mode. It seems that it doesn’t recognise the removed rests in single voices, even if I choosed the insert mode for player (and every other insert mode, I tried it all). I Also tried with the stop red line, but no difference :slight_smile: To explain I made a short video that I link here below to show the problem. I attach also the file affected. Maybe there is an explanation or is it abug? Thank you!!!
Insert mode dorico 4.2 problem (Video)
dorico file with insert mode problem

We happen to have been discussing cases like this one in the team recently. I’ll talk to Stefan (our Insert mode guru) about this case as well.

The latest manual update on the 3rd August should have been for 4.2 for both the webhelp and PDF (as they’re published simultaneously) – you can access whatever the latest Dorico 4.x PDF is here.

If that link takes/took you to an earlier version, perhaps you had already visited it and it was therefore saved in your cache.

By sharing how you would describe this without knowing what it’s called, you’ve provided alternative terms I can add to the relevant topic and therefore help other users in future. So thank you for sharing!

Ok, thank you for your reply and the further steps. Keep doing the great work!

I think I’ll have to do that too, because no matter how hard I try, if I attempt to move a chunk of material (all players, all time signatures etc.) into the middle of some existing music, some of the material in the section that should be shifting rightwards to make space doesn’t move, and becomes superimposed on the inserted stuff. As it happens, this appears to be in voice 2, but Global (which is the setting I’m using) should mean really global, shouldn’t it? Anyway, counting bars and pasting the new section is the way to go for me now, though for that particular operation I don’t really need to use Insert mode at all AFAICS.

I think (just like @Romanos) adding the needed bars with the system track works reliably in this situation. I don’t know why global insert wouldn’t, but I confess I have not dug further — when I know some tools work, why would I change?

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