Insert Mode

I am really loving the ability to increase/decrease note values, as well as the ability to shift things around - a beat ahead, half a beat back. Fabulous tools. And, I am grasping how I can move things with Insert Mode applied. Where I have my question is this: I have a chord that I wish to increase in duration by, say one beat. If I invoke Insert Mode, it will increase the chord, and move everything forward one beat, but only in that voice. Is there a setting I’m missing that would do this, and shift everything? What I am doing now is to highlight everything after the chord in question, move it one beat, then go back to the chord and adjust it - Insert Mode is not used, then. But, it seems like it should be, as it can do two things at once.

What am I missing?

But, truly loving working with Dorico!

As always, thanks for any clarification.

As you’ve discovered, currently Insert mode only works for the selected voice. I believe Daniel has stated that in the future there will be options to apply it to other voices on the staff, and possibly beyond. Off the top of my head I can think it’d be useful to be able to apply it to both staves of a grand staff, and obviously to all staves in the score.

Thanks - good to know. I have the workaround as I outlined; just good to know I haven’t missed something obvious.

Much appreciated!