Insert mode

Will insert mode be able to shift notes on all staves? From the previews it looks like a great feature but I don’t know how much use it will be if it only shifts the notes on one stave, essentially shifting one part out of sync with the rest of the score.

At the moment it does indeed only shift the current voice, but we will add the ability to shift either all voices on one staff, or all voices on all staves, in due course.

I also noticed that the sf did not shift. Was it because it was somehow “attached” to the lower staff?

Dynamics that belong to the same voice will be moved when you insert material, but by default dynamics are attached to the instrument and belong to all voices rather than being attached to a specific voice.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll admit to be already drooling profusely in anticipation of the release after seeing this preview!

Is the default for dynamics belonging to all voices editable?


Not at the moment, no, but we will try to make this possible soon.