Insert multi bar rests

So I have a score with alot of text in specific measures (I’m creating an integrated script score/parts where spoken text from the script for a musical needs to be in the parts for the songs) I turned off multi bar rests so I could show in which measure each line of text occurs. Is there a way to consolidate some measures into multi bar rests but keep others separate? It’s like I want the individual measures for some areas of the parts but others I want multi bar rests thoughts?
*and let me know if I need to reword that/clarify it’s hard to explain

You can split multi-bar rests in Engrave mode:

Is that what you mean?

Kind of…I think I got myself in a hole because I want to put certain rests together after turning off multi bar rests. I’d turn it back on again, but when I do that the text that I inputted gets all wonky. Next time I’ll start with multi bar rests then split them before inputting text :sweat_smile:

Ahhh well at least it’s sorted!