Insert multiple "Special Format Audio" files in an Audio Montage


I am using Wavelab to import and edit files with unknown format, where I specify what format the files are in in the Special File Format Dialog. This dialog pops up after “Insert File” to the audio montage. This is a great feature, and works very well when using the batch processor for example where there is an option to “Accept Unknonw Audio” and specify a preset for the whole batch of files.

When using “insert file” to import raw audio files into the audio montage, special format settings need to be reviewed for each file though, and there is no easy way to cancel the whole process without stepping through the whole process of cancelling each file insert.

It would be a time saver to be able to specify the format of the first file that is inserted, and then “apply to all files” that are loaded at the same time. For example, I am inserting batches of 80-100 files at a time for the moment - after the first file I need to OK every file because they are all raw audio files with no specified format. If there was an option to OK the first file, and a dialog that asked if I wanted to “apply the same format to all concecutive files” it would be great!

It also seems that drag and drop files to the audio montage is not possible with raw audio file formats.

If there is some way to specify the format for multiple raw audio files at once when they are inserted to an audio montage, I´d be happy for support on how to do this.

Best wishes