'insert music symbol dialog'?

I would like to put a small note example with text in a score (and parts) for explanation reasons. I presume this can be done with the ‘insert music symbol dialog’ that I’m seeing in the manual. I don’t seem be able to find it, however. Can anyobe tell me how to open this tool? I tried to make a text frame in ‘Engrave mode’ but by right-clicking of the mouse there is no ‘insert music symbol dialog’.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any suggestions

While editing a text item, right-click to get the context menu.

(On Mac …)

Control-click, or on a trackpad, 2-finger tap is usually assigned to “secondary click”.

@Mark_Johnson: Thanks for your reply. Here’s what I do: I make a text item attached to a note in Write mode, using ctrl X. After putting in te the text and right-clicking it, a menu appears: ‘Copy - Cut - Paste special - filter - bar numbers - staff size - staff’. No ‘Insert music symbol dialog’ item. ?

The trick is: Don’t close the text item, but get the context menu while editing (with a blinking cursor).

@Mark_Johnson : That did the trick. The context menu is now visible, thanks! However, another issue arrises: how do I make for instance an eight note triplet with this menu? It seems a very tedious proces, if possible at all.

This is a job for MusGlyphs by our own Dan Kreider. You can find many threads on here discussing its development and use.