Insert new audio track from pool (drag and drop)

Hi all,
I can no longer drag a wav file from the pool into the project window and drop it in between tracks, thereby making a new track. I’ve cleared my prefs and restarted but still not working. This is the latest N10 update and I was able to test this on another system without issue.
Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone have an idea. I’m getting close to just re-installing Windows :slight_smile:

That was a “feature” that came over from Cubase, which pretty much all Nuendo users hated at the highest degree. (Rightfully)
So the feature was removed again.
But … you can still do that by using a Key Modifier.
Would have to look up what the key combination is, because I never use it.


Thanks Fredo. I can’t believe Nuendo users hated it. I LOVED it. I find it such a pain to have to drop down to the bottom of a project window to place new tracks and then just have to drag them up to where I want them. Please send me when you can.

And dumb question, can’t that just be a feature you can enable or disable in preferences.

Hmmmmm. Apparently my brain is playing tricks on me.

I was correct about the feature being removed for Nuendo.
The idea/plan was (and still is) to bring it back with a modifier, but it seems that it didn’t happen yet.
In my mind, we have worked on a beta version which had this modifier, but I can’t seem to find any justification for it.
So, no. You can’t do that anymore.

Sorry for have givin’ you false hope. My bad.
But at least you know that it is on the “todo” list.

Best regards

Just out of interest, why was this feature so hated? I find it quite useful in a project with 300 tracks to be able to drop in a sound wherever I want without needing to scroll to the bottom. Although I notice that the new track seems to get set to a completely random volume when you do this (I’m still on 10.2.10) whereas if you drop it to the bottom of the track list this doesn’t happen.

So once I update to the latest version then the only way to insert a clip to where I want, like grantmc is asking, is to first create an audio track where I want it and then drop the sound into that…Or drop the sound at the bottom and then drag the new track to where I want it (past 100s of other tracks)? Is there a quicker solution than these methods that I’ve not figured out yet?

In a post-project, we are dealing with hundred of tracks with very complicated routings.
One SFX that is dropped “by accident”, and the whole project can fall apart.

Secondly, in ADR/Dubbing sessions, you can pre-configure the “pre-defined tracks”.
I.e. when clicking on a target to record, it will record automatically to the corresponding track.
So Richard will always be recorded in his track, chairs (foley) will always be recorded to the “chairs” track.
So when a track pops up in between, it messes the whole thing up.

I’m sure Erik Guldager will chime in, his list is twice as long as mine.