Insert New Flow

Is it possible to insert a new flow next to an existing flow, or will a new flow always be added at the end?

New flows might well be added at the end, but you can change the order by dragging the ‘flow boxes’ found at the bottom of the screen in set up mode.

Thanks Ian, Yes, That’s the way I’ve been working. But I have a few projects with around 140 flows in them and it would be easier to add the flow in where you want rather than create it at the end, drag it back, find the location and drop it in.

You’re right it would! Haven’t come across any other way myself, though.

Maybe in the future they might consider having “nested flow structures”, or perhaps a larger “Flow-parent” structure (like a movement), and then “child-flows” that can nest within each other? It might need a whole different graphical approach, though. Still trying to wrap my sad Finale brain around a lot of this…

That being said: I love this program.

I would like to have Flow Folders.