Insert Note at Cursor Position

Hi, is it possible to insert a specific note at cursor position after selecting a midi region? I’d like to insert a specific note with a shortcut or macro.

I need it to specifically be at cursor position, not another note event.


Only if you have one in the clipboard buffer. You can’t generate data, only modify.

What if I have notes in the region already?

If you tell me what you’re trying to do, more than just

Maybe I can suggest a “workflow”

I mean, that’s what I would like to do lol. In this case to insert a keyswitch. Let’s say C-2 for example. I’d use an expression map…but I have certain keyswitches that aren’t necessarily tied to a note. For example an “on release” key switch. Therefore c-2 would need to be pressed after the note event.

I suppose I could “select” a note…and use the logical editor to “insert” c-2 and adjust the position slightly to the right. But I’d rather be able to place it specifically where I want.

All commands that you do manually, you can create a macro to do.

Look at all the transport locate commands, especially

Yeah I know most of those commands, but to my knowledge that doesn’t help me create or insert an event at the cursor position.

This is the result I want. I put my cursor somewhere in the midi region, press a shortcut and a note of a specific length gets placed there.

So you just need to copy the existing note, paste, and transpose. Even without a macro, it’s only a couple moves.

You can make a macro that that copies the higher note, pastes it, and calls a logical editor preset to transpose it to the needed midi note number, change its start position, velocity and length, etc