Insert notes using the enharmonic using letters on keyboard

I am trying to use the keyboard to add notes into the score editor and my music is in the key of F# minor. When I use the letter C on my keyboard to insert the note C into my score, it adds it as B# probably because the C in F# minor is a C#. How can I change it so that I can actually insert a C#?

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Thank you for the reply. If I have to use the harmonic shift buttons on the tool bar then that means I have to make an additional entry into cubase just to input one note. Is there nothing I can do on my keyboard that I can input the note as a “C” without having an additional step? Or could I create a shortcut that would allow me to have the note input without having to use the enharmonic shift?

There are key commands to make enharmonic edits in the Score Functions section of the Key Commands Dialogue.

Ok thanks… It still seems that this is an additional step when what I was really looking for is a key command to make the change at input so that I wont have an additional step. If that is the case, I will go back to using the mouse, since that way at least you can choose the right accidental at input.

Are you saying that instead of doing a key command after entering the note, you want a key command to do so beforehand?

Also, how have you set the key?

Maybe use “S”.

Computer Keyboard Input keys table (click to expand)
Notes C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B
Keys C S D W E F R G T A Q B
Solfeggio Do Do# Re Re# Mi Fa Fa# Sol Sol# La La# Si

YES, I knew there had to be a way :slight_smile:

maestro indeed