Insert/Overwrite modes

Hi team,
I’m sorry, but I was thinking of something else watching the MOLA presentation: Does Dorico always re-flow all of the music after an edit? I’m imagining it makes for pretty busy editing if I, let’s say, double a note value in the beginning and everything else shifts around to account for the edit? Couldn’t there be a way to “freeze” certain passages so they don’t change?


I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking here: are you asking about editing the musical content itself, or the formatting?

If the former, then you can prevent e.g. doubling a note value causing everything else to shift along by the difference in the note duration by working with Insert mode switched off, though of course this means that if you make a note longer, you will overwrite the notes that were previously in the rhythmic range now covered by the note’s longer duration.

If the latter, then eventually we do of course expect to have features to lock the formatting of the music such that you can prevent Dorico from reflowing bars onto other systems, though I would encourage you not to lock things down too early in the process of putting your score together. A good part of Dorico’s power comes from its ability to make changes on your behalf as your music changes.

Hey Daniel,
I feel silly now… :blush:
The former case of course, and it’s really just a matter of starting to think like I’m using a word processor, with it’s insert and overwrite modes… It’s just that no one ever made a notation program with a working insert mode before!
Yeah, of course you can toggle that mode… Stupid me… :unamused:

And obviously it’s a functionality that you would extensively show in demos, since it’s one of the many, cool differentiators of Dorico vs. others! :sunglasses:

Back to work and thanks for your patience!