Insert-Routing in N5.5 - I don't get it..?

I started mixing someting in N5.5.

I inserted a Waves Mono Compressor in one mono track. The routing button on the right is gray, showing “mono” - sound is fine. OK
The same with another track, but no processing of the plugin. The routing button on the right in the plugin is blue and shows “mono”.

On other tracks (mono) some plugins show “stereo” others “LFE LF” and stuff like that. Sometimes I can change someting, sometimes not.

But I am not able to insert a Waves processor in that particular mono track - it is not working. Drag and drop the plugin to another track - it works.



Left guitar (mono track) and right guitar (mono track) - it makes no difference if I copy and paste the inserts or insert them fresh from the menue…
Ups - sorry the second jpg was not cropped - showed a 4 screen screendump - edited now!

That means that you are using a mono (or VST3) plugin in a mono track. (Compatibility= OK)

The routing button on the right in the plugin is blue and shows “mono”.

That means there is a mismatch in channel-config, or that you have choices.

Click on the blue icon and open the Routing editor.
Now you can choose the correct config.

You can also see that in your insert routing screenshots, one has dots at the end, the other has “ends” to it.


Thanks - yes - but it is exactly the same plugin on an equal track! Should show me the same behavior. Or not? I can not chance anything in the menue. I was fiddling around for a while now.

Is there something broken in the project? I never had this before and I do mixing stuff like that 24/7…


Please take a look here:
Both plugins are in the same mono-track. The first one shows LRC+Lfe - I can open the dropdown menue and click on “Standard(mono)” all the time - nothing chances.


Crazy :slight_smile:


I really have no idea how this works specifically, but you’re trying only one plugin at a time on these tracks, right? You’re not following one plug by another…?

Only reason I’m mentioning it is because in some DAWs you’re allowed to have a mono track, insert a plugin that’s mono to stereo, and then the following plug will reflect that change… I’ve never done this much on Nuendo, so I can’t recall if this is something to consider…

It looks like it thinks it is on a Quadro track - this is what always happens with any VST3 plugin on a Quad buss/track.
If you have no quad tracks, then it has to be a waves bug.