Insert routing matrix

I use M/S processing (with Waves H-EQ) a lot, because I can make crazy stereo effects with that. :slight_smile:

What I sometimes wish for is a “routing option” for insert slots which offers the following possibilities (in descending order of importance / priority for me):

  1. Normal
  2. M/S -> Insert -> L/R (auto conversion)
  3. M/S split (one pluging M, one plugin S) and also putting things back together in L/R afterwards
  4. Stereo split (one plugin with mono left, one plugin with mono right) and putting things together afterwards again

What would I do with it? (A few examples for 2-4, 1 doesn’t need one, obviously).

  1. Stereo width enhancement, giving “airy dynamics” to the side (with an M/S compressor in the M one can make the S feel like “flying”, which sounds crazy, but sometimes cool, too)
  2. Using not M/S-compatible plugins for M/S processing (I sometimes make myself a routing matrix in the mixer to create a distortion for M, but this means a lot of “technical” channels
  3. Some plugins don’t allow separate L/R processing, also this can be used for interesting stereo-chorus effects

Have you tried Voxengo’s MSED? It’s free. It’s been a while since I used it, but I think you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Thank you, I will try this one! :slight_smile:

this thread remembered my self to learn about what m/s is! I don’t know what can be done with it .

A lot of fun things!

The easiest thing to do is the following:

Put shelving bass boost on M and shelving treble boost on S.

It’s like the room “expands”. :smiley: