insert silence ... i don't get it


i use insert silence and delete time with the Edit/Range tool alot.
it works fine but sometime insert silence doesn’t work … why ?
locators are set i try with or without upperlane … sometime there’s no way i can do this function.

any idea why ?.

edit …
wait there’s more.
i select one bar with locators and clic insert silence = doesn’t work
now i grab these locators and move them futher and there it works ?
there’s some position where you can’t insert silence ?

if you are trying to insert silence at a position that is before a locked event part/clip (no matter how many and what type of tracks you have in the project and where exaclty is the locked event part), then you can’t insert silence. Note that if you have an entire track locked (via padlock button) you will be able to insert silence as expected: all unlocked tracks are affected of insertion of silence, only locked tracks are staying unaffected

Working with large projects, I find it very difficult to locate a single locked clip within the entire landscape (I am not familiar with Pro 8, I’m still on 7.5, so I dont know if Steinberg already gave us an elegant way to do this, thus to spare us lots of digging inside our projects.

It will be great if there are some among you experienced with the Logical Editor who can devise some way to quickly find our locked clips.