insert silence shortcut without dialog box

Hey there. Does anyone know if there is a way of inserting silence with one simple short cut? I haven’t used wavelab in years and just came back to it using v9. In the old version I used to use it was just CTRL+Spacebar and it would silence the range. Now I use the new shortcut (CTRL+Backspace) but it always brings up a dialog box which I have to click to “apply” and then click again to close. It’s not much of shortcut if I have to click on the dialog box twice! I tend to silence the bits I need to silence as the file is playing - I edit a lot of voice work and I silence breaths I can see coming up in the audio. Having to click “apply” and then close the dialog box is really time consuming. There must be a way where it’s: “select region” / “CTRL+Backspace” = region is silenced and no dialog box appears. Thanks in advance.


  • Create a silence preset with the settings you need.
  • Then use the function “Define shortcut for current preset”, from the preset menu.

It’s ok, I worked it out. Instead of CTRL+Backspace, it’s just Backspace. In the shortcut menu this comes up as “mute region” so I changed this to CTRL+Spacebar as that’s what I’m used to.