Insert Slots appear red and green

Hi there,

Is there a reason why the insert slots in C13 appear red all of a sudden? I just loaded one of my working templates and this happened. Did I press something by accident that made this happen?

And what is this green movable dotted line?



The background of the slots should be dark. If you are going to drag and dtop the Insert effect, the background of the slots turnes to green.

They suppose to be red, if you are not allowed to drop the Insert to the given slot.

The green-dotted line is the Pre-/Post-Fader divider.

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Ah right!

I wasn’t dragging/dropping anything, so I guess this is another graphical glitch? It is now stuck like that.

Guess I just restart the DAW :stuck_out_tongue:

The pre/post fader line, yes I think I remember that! Good to know, thanks!

Yes, after a restart, the glitch is gone:

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