Insert third party effect on Dorico

Hi. I know how to add third party VSTs on Dorico, however, I haven’t been able to add a third party effect. While I know Dorico comes with REVerence for reverbs, I would like to use EWQL Spaces. Yet when I open the list on Insert Effect on Play Mode, I can’t see any option to adding a third party effect. Is it possible? If so, how?

If it is VST2, you might need to whitelist it.

How do I do this?

Thanks, I did it, but I can’t still see it.
Also notice that the list doesn’t appear complete, and for some reason I am not able to go further down than that (I can’t see what is below VST Bass Amp), even if I try to scroll it further down.

So, after closing and reopening Dorico, QL Spaces appeared, that’s good.
Now, I still have this problem of not being able to see the option(s) below VST Bass Amp.
Additionally, how to I insert an effect only to one channel?
HALion choral sounds already comes with reverb, so I would like to add reverb just to specific channels, not to everything. Alternatively, I could also remove the reverb from the HALion instruments, but what I did below (see image) did not remove the reverb.


F3 opens the mixer, and you can assign fx to individual instruments there.

As for seeing below VST Bass Amp, I don’t know. How many entries are you expecting to see?

Thanks, that worked. Btw, is there a way of opening the mixer without pressing F3? (I don’t like to rely on shortcuts as I may forget them).
But anyways, is there a way to remove the reverb that comes automatically with the HALion instruments? I’d like to remove them in order to insert my own reverb.
Concerning the effects below VST Bass Amp, if I open the mixer I can see them all (see image). So I should see 2 more effects below it, but on the Insert Effects for the whole project outside the Mixer I can’t.

BelowVST Bass Amp

Alternative to F3? I don’t know. What does the manual say?

Remove reverb: I don’t know. I don’t use Halion, but looking at the Olympus Micro choir preset, it looks built in.

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Window/Mixer is available too.

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There’s also a button to show the Mixer right there on the toolbar.

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Oh, that’s right. It would be easier to find it if, when passing the mouse over it, it would appear the word “mixer”.

Yes, agreed. For boring technical reasons it’s currently not possible for some buttons in Dorico’s interface to show tool tips, but of course this is something we intend to address in future. The button does look quite obviously like a mixer, though…