"Insert [Title] Master Page" removes First page

I’m a bit stumped and am wondering what I’m missing.

I’m working with a client to make a file that we’ll use as a template for (hopefully) a long-term collaboration. I’ve created a “Title” master page to add to 2-page part scores so they duplex nicely. But when I click on the first page and insert a master page change, it converts the first page to Title page as expected… but the second page becomes a Default, requiring me to insert another master page change on page 2 to make it First.

Why I’m stumped is that for a different client file (for which we prepared a template file together and used that file for a dozen projects), I didn’t get this behavior. Insert a master page change simply “inserted” a Title page, keeping the existing First page.

I’ve compared the two files and can’t see any pertinent differences in design. I thought perhaps it was because of tokens using “project” instead of “flow,” but that doesn’t seem to be it.

Can anyone shed some light on how I can reclaim this behavior? Thanks!

(I can’t just use the one file for the new project because there are so many differences in formatting elsewhere)

Did you add a blank page at the start of the layout last time, to which you applied your Title page master page change?

No, I’ve never done it that way, since it creates a page override. I’ve always just inserted a master page change.

This is interesting - after some experimentation, it seems that if you create your custom Title master page first, then add an extra page at the start of the layout and select your custom Title master page from the menu in the Insert Pages dialog, you should get the result you want.

Alternatively, setting the Layout Option (Page Setup>Flows) for “Use First master page” to “Any flow at the top of the page” also works however you inserted the title page. (But obviously this also affects subsequent flows at the top of the page)

That’s it!! Exactly the setting I wanted (and this client is one flow per project, so all good). Thanks!!