Insert to shift everything (again) + copying lyrics with filter


  1. If I select one bar, all staves, press insert and R for repeat, a bar is inserted but the rehearsal marks and fermatas coming later in the piece does not move. Not so desirable. Am I missing some neat trick?

  2. When I select lyrics with (or without) the filter, and then copy them to another staff, the extension lines and justification is also copied from the source. I don’t expect to do my text underlay, but it would be good if it could rethink just those small details: If no note in the destination, do not copy lyric. Just one quarter instead of two eights with same syllable, do not copy extension line.

  3. I realize that I can set a shortcut for (for instance) filter lyrics, but it would be good to be able to set up the filter and have it stay that way. Again, please enlighten me if it is possible to do just that. I couldn’t find a way.


It seems that fermatas and rehearsal marks are attached to rhythmic positions rather than to individual notes, so inserting notes ‘below them’ doesn’t shift them. It works when you use the bar popover to create an empty bar before pressing R.

Thanks, that’s it. The way to work around it. IMO this makes insert mode less useful.