Insert vertical dashed line for meter subdivision

Hi, I need to achieve something like this…adding a vertical line to better explain the meter subdivision of a pattern:


Not sure one can do that (yet) with a simple time signature rather than 3/4|4/4 separating the two meters with the “pipe” symbol.

Hi @mikeheels you can obtain this with the following steps:

  • use Aggregate meter/time signature to obtain this: 3/4 + 4/4 for the 7/4 and 3/4 + 5/4 for the 8/4 (also possible with the popup, but I don’t know how to write the vertical separator in the popup with my German keyboard… :smiling_face:).

  • activate and check the property override Combine compatible aggregates for the Time signatures

  • if you have music in the bars, the dotted barlines appear automatically. If you have only a bar rest, you need to write an implicit rest at the beginning of the bars to let Dorico draw the dotted barlines (in this case a dotted half rests at the beginning of the two bars)

  • eventually you need some force duration for the groups (because for the “5/4” in the second bar none of the global notation options have an effect, but I may be wrong)

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THANKS SO MUCH for the thorough explanation and for your very kind support!

Any chance that the vertical line can cross between staves in a piano or harp part? at the moment it does not I’m afraid.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 00.11.54

I don’t think this is (yet) possible automatically: you need to create them with the dashed barline on the panel (or via popover), but in every instance where you need it


Thanks! I hope it gets added in the future as it’s quite intuitive for a piano part to see it “cross-staved”


(I added some text to my previous post): you can create it, but manually in every spot needed…

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Thanks - unfortunately doing so adds some unwanted rests to the music, and I’m not able to get rid of them even with the “remove rests” command

can you post an example of the unwanted rests?

The rests appear because of the cross staff notes. You can write, or copy from another staff or bar, an explicit rest to the piano upper staff. The explicit rest is then removable (menu Edit/Remove rests).

EDIT: or more easily (without needing the explicit rests) activate End voice on the note, that lives in the upper staff, just before the undesired rests (not a cross stave note), and check eventually that is in the same voice as the rests, activating View/Notes and Rests color/Voice colors
(but I tried and managed also to select the unwanted rests and Edit/Remove Rests worked…!):

other method with implicit rests...


some more information about explicit rests:
Implicit vs. explicit rests

Inputting rests

Forcing the duration of notes/rests

It’s not pretty, but it’s possible. Of course the supposedly similar time signatures can be hidden, leaving only the subdivision change.

thanks a lot again. This method only works form the second bar on…I can’t make the first rest of the first bar disappear as there is nothing before than to do “Ends voice”

Selecting and doing “Remove rests” does not do anything