Insert vst across all channels

Is it possible to insert an instances of a plug-in across all mixer channels, like in this video in PT with Waves NLS with NLS channels model “presets” sequentially:

You can do something like that. Open the mixer and set it to insert view. Put an instance on the first track. Then hold down “Alt” and drag it to the second track. Repeat for your other tracks.

that’s what I usually do, it takes alot of time on big projects and doesn’t load presets in sequential order like in ProTools with Waves NLS

Hold down sift and alt then all selected channels will have the selected insert, inserted!

Beaten to it by Split…but as I already typed out the procedure here it is.

Open mixer and extended insert view.
Select all mixer channels you want the plug on.
Hold down Alt/Shift while inserting NLS channel on the first channel.
All selected channels are filled with NLS with the corresponding sequential NLS channel numbers.

ok, Thank You!

Love this board