Insert VST list is unsearchable and unstructured?

(Working with inserts in the Dorico mixer, I have certain wrong expectations, coming from Cubase.)

It seems the dropdown insert plugin list is just a long flat list, with no search field, or jump to initial letter? If you have a lot of plugins, this is a long journey, to scroll down, to find the plugin I want, every time.

Are other users seeing this? Am I missing something?
Is there an option to organize the list by vendor or category?

If a search field, and jump by initial letter are still feature requests, I suppose the ability to drag inserts around in the mixer, or alt-drag to copy, is way off. :slight_smile:

There are no additional options for this at the moment. We do plan to add some additional structure to these menus in the future.

Thanks Daniel. nice to know. :slight_smile:

Is there a topic for feature requests please?

I know you said Dorico uses the Cubase/Nuendo engine for audio. What about midi?

Is the Dorico team able to re-use Cubase designs or code? … or is there some technical or IP-related obstacle?

From a user point-of-view, I expected the “Play” section would have more from Cubase/Nuendo at this point.

Feature requests generally just go among all the other topics on the forum, perhaps prefaced as such in the thread title. In a sense, you just made one :slight_smile:

If you have feature requests, you can post them here.

Dorico uses the Cubase audio engine, but that is a very low level component. The data model for Dorico is completely different to Cubase, so there aren’t many parts of Cubase that can just be reused. Play Mode is not a MIDI data editor. It’s an interface that shows the playback data within the notation. Unlike Cubase, Dorico doesn’t store a list of MIDI events. All the notes are generated dynamically from the notation.

Interesting! I understand that Dorico doesn’t “think in midi” as such. But it does offer live midi input and output. So it would be great if those features emulated their counterparts in Cubase - for user familiarity, and because they work well in Cubase - even if the implementation details are different? I’m thinking specifically, Midi input source selection, and midi output program change / patch scripts.

It’s sad that there is not a formal place to gather feature requests, since the recent discounts, and freeness of SE3, is bringing new users like me over from Cubase, and I understand that Dorico is in quite active development. I’d like to check a list of “known omissions” before I comb the application and forums looking for something that is reasonable to expect but doesn’t exist yet. :slight_smile:

Just google “Dorico plus whatever” and if you don’t find a thread on your desired topic, post it here. It’s an active forum that the team reads and interacts with constantly.

The worst that happens is that you post something that’s been discussed, which is not a problem as long as you’ve attempted at least a cursory search.

Thanks dankreider. I googled “Dorico midi program change” and found this amusing thread, promising it “relatively” soon, regularly, since 2017.

Also, an interesting suggestion using expression maps which I will try. :slight_smile: