Insert wave selection to Montage track (source/dest editing)

Greetings PG !!

Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but I could not find a thread related to this topic.

As one who uses both the wave window along with the montage window to complete tasks, I found that I could stream line my workflow a bit more if this feature were available in the montage (and / or the wave window right click menu):

'Insert ‘wave selection’ to montage track (at cursor)"

There already exists a feature in the montage where if you right click on a track you can insert an audio file or a clip at cursor, but being able to highlight a segment in an open wave window and have the option to insert only that highlighted segment to your montage track would be immensely useful (bypassing the usual copy/paste and then the ‘paste menu’ option follows). Especially if you’re doing dialog editing or comping takes from a voice track. Ideally, This would be a right click menu option in both the montage AND the wave window where the selection exists. It’s basically a variation of source/destination editing, a feature that I cherished in Sonic Solutions back in the day.

Just a thought.

Loving 8.5 BTW !!



I note the idea for a future version. As you certainly know, inserting an audio range can be done by Ctrl+C then Ctrl + V, or via drag and drop.

Yes, I currently use the copy/paste method. However, I did NOT know that I could drag a wave selection (audio range) directly to a montage track. Certainly useful !!