Inserted accidentals music glyphs in text

Hi everyone,

I was wondering why when I inserted music glyphs don’t fit well with the text. It looks like a superscript.

I think I followed the right steps (copy the glyphs from the SMuFL page and then used the Bravura text font).

You can use MusGlyphs for this; it’s a lot easier. Bravura Text still requires baseline and size adjustments.

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I’ll do that! Thanks for your help

I’m also wondering why the “fl” is not displaying correctly. It should be showing a ligature. What font is this? It’s not correctly kerned either.

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It is the default font : Academico

Oops, my fault. I checked the font, and that fl ligature is correct.

I can’t say I like that ligature… It looks like a mistake. But it’s correct.

In Dorico 4 it’s now much easier to add musical symbols to text items. A right-click in Shift-X text items or in text frames opens a “Insert Music Text” dialog that shows some standard characters. When pressing the down arrow button in the “Recently used” field, a giant menu opens with SMuFL names to choose from


May be one of the rather hidden D4 improvements, but I find it extremely useful. It is described on page 80 in the version history.


…very useful…!

Too bad, the list is not sorted in a good alphabetic order :frowning:

With the overwhelming number of available SMuFL symbols, it does not seem easy to create a clear way of representing them. Even in a strict alphabetic order it would be difficult to find a specific character, if the name or group is unknown. Maybe there should be multiple categories, such as: standard notation (clefs, articulations, dynamics etc.); accidentals and ornaments; instrument specific techniques; historically structured (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Contemporary). Not an easy task I guess.

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@Juerg Yes, I like the stricture you mentioned, it’s somehow way better. But at least if sorted, you know that Clefs are on the top of the list not on the bottom.