Inserted plugins bypassed with delay compensation

Hello Cubasians,

Has anyone experienced this?

  • turn on delay compensation (left under)
  • insert a pluginn on a track
  • the pluginn is automatically bypassed and can’t be unbypassed
  • turn off delay compensation
  • everything works normal again

Bypassing only appears with pluginns inserted after turning on Delay compensation.
This happens with different standard Cubase pluginns, on different tracks, in different cpr-files

I’m working on an iMac, High Sierra, Cubase Pro 10.0.20


Yes, this is because of the enabled plug-in compensation. The plug-in (you inserted) cannot work in real time, therefore it’s bypassed by system, if the track is in record enabled mode. In Cubase by default any select track becomes record enabled. You can change this in Preferences.

Thanx Martin