Inserted the plugin “Boom-It” from HAL Audio, and can't double click on anything

Hello, I just opened a project for a video I mixed a few weeks ago in order to reconform it to a cutdown. There’s a problem though - I can’t double click on anything (well, I can, but nothing happens when I do). I can’t rename tracks by double clicking on the text in the header, I can’t double click on audio events to open them in the audio editor. Nothing happens when I double click.

This is ONLY happening in this 1 project. All other projects are fine, template projects are fine - it’s just this 1 specific project. Nothing in this project is ‘locked’.

I even just tried making a new empty project and importing the tracks and still can’t double click on anything!

Am I missing something stupid? Or is this a bug?


Update - I figured it out. It is odd though.

I recently bought the plugin “Boom-It” from HAL Audio, and had it on a track as an insert. This is what was causing me to not be able to double click on anything oddly. When I removed that insert, everything went back to normal. Some kind of bug, because it was affecting the entire project.

I just did a test on a blank project, inserted “Boom-It”, and same results - can’t double click on anything in the project.

I can reach out to the developer and let them know of this problem.

Same issue also happens with other plug-ins here, e.g. Chow Tape Model. → Chowdhury DSP - Products
Seems to be a problem with the GUI implementation, because it works with the generic VST GUI selected.

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Interesting - thanks for the info!

I’ve emailed the devs, hopefully they can get a fix soon.

EDIT* - This bug has been fixed as of 1.0.3. which was released today.
All is well now

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