Inserting a blank page with a header, page number and notice

What’s the best way of doing this? In parts which, for page turning reasons, require one of two facing pages to be blank, I’d like to provide this page with a notice to that effect, as well as having the header and the page numbering continue. I tried making a page template with text boxes with the necessary information, but assigning it to a blank page had no effect. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

When you insert a blank page using the Insert Pages option, what you essentially create is a local page override. Assigning a page template to the overridden page works the same as overrides elsewhere work: the red triangle override takes precedence over the underlying page template.

So, simply remove the local page override to revert the page back to whatever its page template is doing.

The quickest and in-built-iest way to create such a blank page template is probably to create a new custom page template, but that’s “Based on” the Default page template. Then in the duplicate, remove the music frame from both sides, and add a central text frame with your page turn note. This way, if you later change the contents of the header frame on the Default page template, that same frame on your custom page template will update accordingly too (as they’re linked between “Based on” page templates, unless you delete and recreate the frame from scratch)

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Thank you, Lillie!

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