Inserting a full page cover image?

I found myself trying something I considered to be a very regular use case: I want to insert a cover image that covers the full page. Inserted an image frame, loaded the cover image, but then wasn’t able to drag it over the page margins. I know I can change the margins in the layout options, but that also changes the margins on all other pages. I obviously don’t want that. So any idea how I can do this within Dorico 3.5? I’ve searched the forums and youtube and google but couldn’t really find anything. Am I missing something obvious here?
Thanks in advance, Best,

I think the best way is to export the score as a PDF and add the cover image page to the PDF.

Even though I could do all my prelim pages in Dorico (including Table of Contents), I still do covers and editorial notes in DTP apps.

As you’re on MacOS: I’ve made a bunch of Automator workflows (using python scripts) for manipulating PDFs - combining, making booklets, etc – which may be useful.

Ben, fantastic! Just what I need, available here PDFsuite

Oh yes: forgot to put a link. RedTideMusic has provided it!

I often use Philip Rothman’s PDF Utilities, but I will also check out Ben’s tools, that seem to have some extra options. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, thanks, everybody! That’s really helpful. It’s actually surprising that this is not possible to do in Dorico.

A bit of a tangent, I always export to PDF because I find printing the PDF yields a better hardcopy than printing directly from Dorico.

Better in what way? It might depend on your printer, possibly, but I would expect the results to be identical.

Not sure if this is just semantics, but you shouldn’t “print to PDF” from Dorico. Instead you should export graphic as PDF.

It’s subtle, and I’m not saying the output from Dorico is bad. The main difference is that from Acrobat I have access to the printer settings. If there’s a way to access those from Dorico, I haven’t found it. In the image here, Dorico is on top and Acrobat below. You can see the staff lines in the Acrobat output are a bit more substantial as well as the final half note. It doesn’t look like much here, but when looking at two sheets side by side, it’s quite noticeable. Unfortunately, that didn’t come through well in a photo.

I have a color laser printer and when printing from Acrobat I set it to print using black only. This may account for the difference as I don’t know of any way of setting that through Dorico. All in all not a big deal for me.

Actually, not semantics. I have been printing to PDF. I’ll have to see what difference, if any, exporting makes.

ETA: After a bit of experimentation I’ve learned that forcing the printer to only use black has no affect on the output from Acrobat, it must be doing that automatically. Exporting to PDF from Dorico yields a slightly better hardcopy than printing to PDF (when printed from Acrobat). Not sure why, but as I keep a copy of everything in PDF format anyway, it’s not adding to my workflow.