Inserting/Adding Flow destroys layout

It is a known issue, that everything you do in engrave-mode regarding manual staff spacing is tied to the page (of the layout, not the flow).
Hence everything manually changed after a newly inserted flow will be messed up (because bound to a now different page number) once you change the amount of pages before (by inserting a new flow f.e.).

I tried around to find a solution (because I had to insert a flow) and was successfull, so I wanted to share my solution:

  1. Import/Add the new flow to the very end
  2. fix all system and frame-breaks in that new flow and remember the number of pages needed for that new flow.
  3. in engrave-mode: select the page (at the right) at the point where you want to insert the flow, press the bottom left button “Insert Pages” in that box, type the amount of needed pages, page template “none” → ok.
    (in my experience this only works when pressing that button, but not when using right-click “Insert Pages”)
  4. check the layout of the following pages/frames is still correct.
  5. move the new flow in setup-mode to that position. (your layout will now be messes up)
  6. now move the now unnecessary empty pages to the end of layout (right-click “Move Pages…”) [do not “remove Page-Overides”]
  7. hopefully enjoy that you’ve inserted a flow but kept the staff-spacing of the following flows. It at least worked for me on dorico 5.