Inserting bars AFTER a measure?

The only documentation I can find describes inserting bars BEFORE a selection or measure. A big, PITA when a piece has a lot of metric changes, cross-measure ties, etc.

One example: A piece contains a 7/8 section followed by a 4/4 section. How can you extend the length of the 7/8 section by one new, blank measure in a single step? Docs describe only ways to use the bars popover, etc. to add a measure of 4/4 between the two sections – or to embed a measure of 7/8 inside the 7/8 section.

What am I missing? Some sort of Insert Mode workaround?

Have you tried using the caret? Put it where you want bars to appear, shift-B, number (of bars), enter

Thanks, Marc!

Also thanks Janus & Leo. Just tried all three methods and I’m now smarter than I was 20 minutes ago! Boy, it pays to ask questions.

If you specify the number of beats you want, rather than the number of bars, Dorico will keep them in the old time signature. The popover will accept 7e (7 eighths), but it’ll also accept 7/8.

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Or use the System Track:
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