inserting bars messes up the workspaces lay out

There is something that I find very irritating in Cubase, it has been like that since I bought it. My irritation is caused by the weird behaviour of Cubase when inserting bars.
Description: I have a piece with several tracks. I set up 9 workspaces with mixes of different views. Let’s say No 2 is the score with tracks 1, 2 and 3, No 3 is key editor of track 1, No 4 is the key editor of track 2, No 5 is the key editor of track No 1, 2 and 3 together, No 6 is they key editor of track 3. No 6 is the mixer.

I lock all these workspaces so I have the same view every time. This is important, they are locked!!

Then I insert a couple of bars and then: all the workspaces jump back to track No 1!!! although they were locked they don’t show their respective tracks as before, just track No 1. Even the score page shows only track No 1!!
This is very, very irritating. Fine tuning some workspaces takes up time and to redo them over and over again is just a pain. It is normal to insert bars isn’t it?? Why does it become such a hassle? I sometimes move all the data and then insert the midi where it should be so I don’t have to use the insert bars mode.
This has it disadvantages as well because all tempo changes and chords etc have to move as well. So that is sometimes more work.

Am I doing something wrong or has this been accepted by everyone as one of those flaws in the software? I migrated from Logic years ago but their inserting a few bars never disrupted the lay out of the workspaces.

I would like to hear your opinion and actually also what Steinberg has to say on this.