Inserting bars to an existing project

Hi. I am a very inexperienced user of Cubase 8 Elements, so please excuse me.

In a multi-track project I have created that also has tempo track attached (with lots of variations in time signature and speeds), I now need to insert a number of bars at the start of the project. I can shift all the bars to the right (using Insert Silence) - but the Tempo track does not move as well, so everything is messed up. How can I move the Tempo track at the same time, or separately, so that that all my previous work remains correct, with just some blank space at the start of the project ? Thank you, Pete.

I believe you can use the command “Paste Time” or “Insert Time”

(been a while since I was using that version, pelase post back if that wasn’t helpful.)

Got my head around ‘Insert Time’ eventually. Thanks.