Inserting frames

Clicking and dragging on a text (or other) frame in Engrave mode no longer seems to work. I have done it before successfully so I have no idea what’s gone wrong.

Make sure you’re in frame editing mode, which is the second tool in the Engrave mode toolbox.

Yes I have done that. Just to check, Engrave>Frame Editing Mode>click and drag on the frame type that I want. And at the moment Dorico doesn’t allow me to do the last action. I’ve just tried it in a couple of projects in case there was something wrong with one of them.

Just for clarification… you need to click once on the frame type, (it will highlight), then move the mouse to your desired area and click-drag a rectangle to input a frame. Is this what you are doing?

Yes I am definitely doing that. The problem still persists.

Have you also indicated which frame you want to input? You also need to click on either music, text, or graphic then draw out your frame. see attached.
Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 1.17.13 PM.png