Inserting Graphics into Parts (Dorico 3.5)

Dorico 3.5 does not seem to be behaving in the way described in the 3.5 manual here:

I’m in a part, trying to insert a graphic image into an unpitched percussion part (to be seen in the part only), to insert a pitched cue (so player does not get lost).

Dorico won’t do that for unpitched percussion instruments, I guess because inserting a 5-line stave into a single-line stave has not been programmed-in as a function (yet?)

When I follow the manual’s procedure as described above, no ‘Insert graphics frame’; button is shown and the buttons which are there, seem deactivated in Part view.

Dorico 3.5 Manual shows:


But Dorico 3.5 shows:


What am I doing wrongly?

Click on the rectangle icon, directly beneath the blue highlighted icon. That will change mode. ("Click Frames to show the Frames panel.)

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This page has been reformulated somewhat in the v4 manual in the way the information is presented (as a prerequisite and with an image of what the button looks like as another pointer) but the underlying functionality hasn’t changed.

Got it, thanks benwiggy. :wink:

Thanks for the update Lillie.