Inserting Master Page in Parts

I’ve created a master page for my parts which has two pages: on the left is the title page and on the right are performance notes. I’ve gone into each part and selected the 2 pages to insert before the part. The question is: why are they always are added in reverse order? It’s easy enough to swap them back into the correct order, but I’m more curious as to what I’m not understanding about this feature.

Have you told Dorico to start your page numbering at 2 (or 0 - any even number), rather than 1?

A booklet normally starts with a single right-hand page with the a left-hand page on its reverse.

The answer was as obvious as I feared. Thanks for the replies

The 2-page setup in a master page isn’t really for 2 separate pages, it’s for Left and Right pages. so the left page in a master page pair is used for even-numbered pages, the right page for odd-numbered pages. There are some publishing conventions that require a different setup for right/left pages (incl e.g. having page numbers top-left and top-right in the Default master page set)

If you want to have a master page for 2 distinct pages in a layout, I’d recommend doing those as two separate master pages and assigning each one to the relevant page.