Inserting measures in a flow displaces later flows

Hi All - there is probably a way to lock the format at the first page of each new flow so that it doesn’t get displaced when new material is added to an earlier flow.
After adding material to an earlier flow, I have to keep manually deleting page over-rides, which is annoying.
If anyone has some advice on this or can point to a good tutorial, that would be great!
Thanks in advance,

Start each flow on a new page? (Layout Options)

Thanks - but starting new flows with new pages is what I have been doing (I think).
Maybe someone on here will know how to lock the format at the beginning of flows,.

How are your formats not being locked?

not sure - I thought that formats for the first pages in new flows should be locked by default.
This part of Dorico is not very intuitive, but I realize that it could be very powerful once we get used to it.
Thanks again,

My interpretation of what your describing is:

  • You have 2 flows and they look pretty with some page overrides
  • You add music to Flow 1 and it is forced onto a new page which has, up until now, been the first page of Flow 2.
  • Now, you need two have the overrides from page n to the new first page of Flow 2, and delete the overrides from the end of Flow 1.

If this is what is happening, you might be able to adjust your First Page Template to whatever you want. You shouldn’t need to have any overrides as the layout will just be there by default on the first page of new flows. NB This will apply to the first page of all new flows

It all depends on whether you force new flows to start on new pages or not. (Layout options>Page Setup> Flows) and then whether you force specific page layouts and flow headers.

Thanks -I will look into “first page” settings - maybe they are covered in the docs or tutorials.

(Video in link)

On this page, the different types of page templates are described, with callouts telling you what information is included on them by default. You can customize them to your heart’s content – whatever you change in one project won’t affect any others, unless you explicitly export your customised set and import it into another project to re-use it there.

On a related note: as much as possible (as obviously things/plans can change), try to leave as much of the formatting work until you’re as finished with the “getting the music in” as possible. You can make all sorts of changes to the music once it’s input, like adding system breaks, changing how far certain items are positioned from the staff, etc. When you’re making those sorts of decisions with the whole piece in front of you, you’ll be able to find the balance that fits the whole project that bit more easily.

Thanks - the issue seems to have been resolved, although I’m not sure exactly what I changed - after 20 years on Sibelius, I’m still getting used to the interface, especially engrave mode. I think it would be great if Steinberg added more videos showing visually how users are accessing and applying the various options.