Inserting music glyph in instrument name

I’m sure this has been answered before but no combination of search terms I can think of has provided me with the answer.
I can’t find a way to insert a music glyph (flat or sharp) into an instrument name.
I don’t want the instrument name to be:
Trumpet in Bb 1 (using the “show transposition” function)
Instead I want it to be:
Bb Trumpet 1
I know how to put music glyphs in text blocks in the score, but other than scrolling all the way through all the characters in a music font I can’t figure out how to put a flat or sharp into the instrument name. Right-clicking while editing an instrument name doesn’t bring up the same options as right-clicking in a text frame.
I’ve searched the online help with various terms and have found nothing.

I’m on my phone so can’t check to confirm, but I’m pretty sure {@flat@} works.

Unfortunately, {@flat@} works when renaming a layout but not when renaming a player or an instrument. The Unicode character for a flat is U+266D and the Unicode character for a sharp is U+266F.

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For an easier way to change the staff label from “Trumpet in Bb 1” to “Bb Trumpet 1”, go to Layout Options>Staves and Systems>Staff Labels and set “Position of instrument pitch in staff labels” to Start.


Thank you very much! With how everything is so adjustable in Dorico I should have known there was a way to change things! I have to learn that my first response to something frustrating is “this has to be adjustable – now to figure out which set of adjustments to search to find it!”
Thank you!

You can rename the Player to Trumpet in B{@flat@} to get the appropriate glyph. At least, it works for me. If Layout names haven’t been manually altered, the name changes there too.

See post #3 above.