Inserting Noise what you can see but can't hear?

I’m doing a Project for my Bachelor. I have two Mixing Engineers who will mix a Song for me, twice. I try to evaluate if its true that what u see has an effect on what or how you mix (hear).
So in this Project I want to manipulate the Master with a white noise in the Area of 3-6kHz, which u could see on an Analyzer but can`t hear. Is there any possibility to route this ?

Thanks for ur help !

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I believe you could use the sound-masking principle. Here is a nice explanation, what does it mean.

Thank you Martin!
Yeah that is kinda what Im try to do. But I have no clue how to realize it with Cubase Stock and what’s most important you shouldn’t hear it while mixing! My goal is to make a build-in error to figure out if an Engineer mixes against it. I know that’s not how most users need to work but for my Study it’s essential.
Greets to you and has anyone else an idea ?

I don’t really understand the question, however…

  1. I thought that white noise doesn’t have a frequency, as it is all frequencies at once?
  2. If you want to generate white noise, use the Test Generator plugin.

Adding noise is part of the dithering process and it is done with noise shaping. Cubase have a dithering plugin called “lin dither”.
And you can not have white noise in a area. White noise have well defined spectrum.

Is that like “procrastinating”?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I think the OP is using the term in a more generic (and non-traditional) sense meaning evenly distributed across a frequency range.

@Jan.O if I understand you correctly you want to generate some noise within a specific frequency range and mix it into some existing Audio. First I’d recommend you look up the terms White Noise, Pink Noise & Brown Noise which will give you a sense how noise in general works. Here’s the basic setup for what you want to do.

  1. Create 2 Audio Tracks, one for the existing Audio and the 2nd for your noise.
  2. Route both Tracks to a Group Channel where you will combine them
  3. On your Noise Track add the TestGenerator as the first Insert. I’d recommend doing this by opening the Track’s Channel Settings Window, since it’s easy to access everything you’ll need from there.
  4. Set it to White Noise and you should see & hear it on the Noise Track, Group Channel and Stereo Out.
  5. Set the EQ on the Noise Track to only pass through the desired frequency range
  6. Now you can use the Noise Track’s Fader to adjust how much Noise gets added into the existing Audio.
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