Inserting notes after the fact when using the open time signature

Long-time Dorico owner, but only a sporadic user of it. Even though I take advantage of the plethora of information from reference cards, YouTube video tutorials, and even forum posts, I still don’t know everything and so advanced apologies if the ask is silly or covered elsewhere.

I’m working on a project that utilizes Orthodox Christian chant, which does not have fixed time signatures. I’m writing out a “demo” version where I am using a pre-existing hymn until I can finalize the words and its translation. This will mean I may have to insert a note (or more) within a measure. So I am wondering if this is possible. My other concern is will it mean deleting the barlines I created and then reinsert them where they will go. Or, even worst, start all over again with writing out every note and barline again.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance =]

I think I may have answered my own question. However, I am curious about the answers provided =]

Insert mode is your friend here. Use the “Global Adjustment of Current Bar” scope, which allows you to lengthen a bar and keep the subsequent barlines and notes in sync.

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my answer: for this kind of music you don’t need to start setting up bar-lines at the beginning. In Dorico you can (and should) write everything out right away, use Insert Mode - as mentioned - for additional notes in between. Once you are pleased with your result, you may add bar-lines manually.

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