Inserting notes

I know I have seen this somewhere on a demo: Example: you have 7 quarter notes entered, and then realize that you want to insert a half note after the first 2 quarter notes. So you just go back to that point in the music, do something and then enter the half note, and Dorico moves the remaining notes to the right.

How? I can’t seem to find anything that describes doing this. I did find Insert…but I am missing something, because when I try it, Dorico steals time from the notes around it. So I have to go back and re-enter everything. I looked in the manual, at YouTube, and on the forum, but I can’t seem to find the answer.

I can reproduce this if there is no room for the remaining notes to be pushed into. But if you have an empty bar at the end of the flow, moving to the desired position, pressing I for insert, and entering a half note will move the remaining quarter notes into the empty bar.

This sounds odd… Insert mode will push the music to the right and also create new bars as necessary…

It might be worth checking that those who are having difficulty inserting do not have Lock Durations (the C-clamp or Padlock iconc) activated.

EDIT: No, just checked, and these functions had no effect. I get the same expected insert results fratveno gets.

I’ve rechecked it and can’t reproduce it any more. Are you sure you have insert mode active?

AHAH! It’s these little details that aren’t in the youtube videos or the written documentation that makes it so blasted hard to learn this program! No one said you had to have an empty bar at the end of the music to be able to insert notes/rests into the existing music.

Thank you so much for the answer. I have to say, if it weren’t for this forum, I would be ready to ditch Dorico. I wish they had taken time to create good documentation or tutorials before putting Dorico on the market. However, I do believe once I finally learn enough to start composing and producing good looking scores, that I am going to like Dorico very much. It is that hope, and help from others here that keeps me plugging away at it…onward!!

I don’t think that is correct - at least, it works fine for me without creating empty bars.

AFAIK the only time you DO need an empty bar is if you are trying to add notes to the END of the score, by clicking with the mouse (you don’t need an empty bar if you add notes with the keyboard shortcuts).

There is probably some “little” thing that you are doing differently that’s causing the problem, but I can’t guess what it is.

You’re probably right. For now, I have a workable solution: I just make sure there is an extra bar or some rests at the end of the flow, and then inserting is easy, and works every time.

I do find that there is a definite order in which you have to do things to get Dorico to do what you expect it to do. In time, typing keystrokes in a specific order will become second nature, but as a beginner in the software, the lack of tutorials that give you step by step instruction is very frustrating.

There are some good youtube videos, but it can take me about 40 minutes to get through a 6 minute video because they go so fast, and jump back and forth between mouse input and key input. I found they don’t emphasize the order in which keystrokes have to be used, so I first watch the video, and scribble quick notes, then stop and write down the steps. Then I go to Dorico, and try them, when they don’t work I have to go back to youtube, back and forth in this manner until I get the exact order in which to input anything. It’s very frustrating. By the time I learn how to do all the things I need to do, I will have written my own manual. I already have several pages of “how-to”

What keeps me plugging away is the potential I see in the software…once I finally figure out how to do what I need to do, it’s going to be great!

Am I missing the point?
If I click on the final bar line and hit enter I get a note entry caret or line just at the final bar and when I type a letter I get a new bar with the note.
That is, I don’t create a new bar and then enter notes, the new bar gets started automatically.

The order in which you do things sometimes matters. Having ‘insert’ on already, before you choose where you interpolate, will give a different result from if you double-click at your insertion point and then turn ‘insert’ on.j