Inserting Page Breaks for one instrument only in an orchestral score

I can follow insert Frame Breaks but 3 players in a 27 player orchestral score have asked for the page turn to be changed to make it easier. Whenever I try to use a Frame Break it changes for all 27 parts. And when I’ve inserted a Frame Break how do I get rid of an old one just for that part? thanks

View Signposts and (in Write mode) delete the signpost in the part.

(Frame and System Breaks in the score should not be propagating to the parts.)

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Thank you Derrek, I think my issue is different. I have no Sign Posts in the score currently. Dorico automatically creates Page Breaks for Printing Parts. No sign posts are visible either in Engrave or Write Mode. I want to change what Dorico does automatically for a couple of parts and change where Page Breaks are inserted for those parts only. Whenever I select a note in one part ,in Engrave / Graphic Mode and insert a Frame Break, the SignPost applies itself to the whole score and then when I go into the Print Mode for the specific part the Page Break / Frame Break doesn’t appear to have taken. Thanks

You should be able to put Frame and System breaks into the ‘part’ without it affecting the ‘score’ in any way.


Thanks Grainger2001 :grinning: - yes I’ve just tried that and it works except that one bar becomes unusually long. I’ll have to see how I can fix that now.

Yes, when that happens, try fiddling around with the justify settings for that part in the ‘ideal gaps’ section, or more easily, adjust the note spacing for that part only, and often it will magically fix those type of things.

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wonderful - that works - thanks