Inserting pages with a master page design?

I never use the “Insert pages” function because it creates a page override, which is typically not desirable. But if I’ve added, say, 5 pages of front matter, and I want to insert an additional page of front matter in the middle of them, I have to use the Insert Page function. I can’t just add a Master Page change, because it’ll remove the master page change I had already placed there.

The odd thing is that, even if I choose a master page design for the inserted page, I still get an override on that page. I find instead I have to do the following:

  1. Insert page
  2. Apply master page change to that page, which doesn’t display
  3. Remove page override for that page so the selected master page is visible.

Not a big deal, but it feels a little confusing to me. When I insert a page and choose a master page design for that inserted page, shouldn’t it insert it without adding a page override?

Thanks for listening to my novel.

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IMO it’s especially strange when inserting a totally blank page. If there’s nothing on it, then what’s overridden?

Well, it’s deviating from what should be there: the default next page, including the music frame.

Maybe there can be a clearer way to indicate page order override vs. page content override.

I too have noticed (and lived with) this oddity. Reading your message, though, I am wondering how you achieved five pages of front matter without inserting them.

You create new master pages with the designs you want, then insert the master page change on the first page, which will push all of the music pages later.