Inserting plugins by searching Vendors

I know it can be solved by using custom plugin list. But it still feels unnecessary to do so.

When you insert a plugin, if you search the vendor, FabFilter for example, a FabFilter list will show up but there is really nothing, because nothing named “FabFilter”, you have to search the plugin’s exact name like Pro-Q or Pro-L instead of the vendor’s name.

In other DAWs, if you search “Pro-Q”, of course it’ll show up. But if you search “FabFilter”, all the FabFilter plugins you installed will show up. Which makes it a lot easier, because oftentimes you can’t remember every plugin’s name but the vendor’s name. Users really shouldn’t to make a custom plugin list to achieve that.

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You don’t have to make a custom folder to do this. There is an option to ‘sort by vendor’ in the plug in manager. It sorts your default list of plugins by vendor.

I get that you want to search by manufacturer, but it pretty much does this first step for you by organising them this way up front.

Yes but you still have to go through the list to find the vendor first, and then you have to select the category. If you have a lot of plugins, it does take time.

It’s not really some fancy feature, because other DAWs do that, at least Pro Tools, Ableton and Studio One do.

I second this request!

Agreed…it’s crazy that you can’t return results from searching a developer.
And sorting by vendor is not any kind of solution as that precludes being able to also browse easily by category.
There is zero good reason in this case why we shouldn’t have our cake and eat it.