Inserting program changes

I need to insert program changes into a track. When I insert a program change, however, I cannot figure out how to insert a change from another program bank. My Korg Kronos uses 15 different banks and I frequently need to insert a program change for a program in a different bank from the original one. “Drawing” a program change will only place a change for the current bank.
I’m coming from the world of Sonar which created bank/patch changes easily. How do I do this in Cubase?
Any advice/help would be much appreciated.
(I’m using Cubase Artist 9.5)

Bank select works differently on different keyboards, but in general there is a Controller lane for Bank Change message just like there is for Program Change. The easiest way to see how it is working is to record bank and program changes, then show all used CC from the CC lane of the MIDI Editor. I have an Alesis, Moog and Yamaha that all respond fine to Bank select messages. I have a Korg that does not, although I can set up an external instrument for it and for some reason that works. It’s just too much hassle for little reward, so I just don’t use the bank select for the Korg.