Inserting Template cause orphan (empty) pages and other issues

Im using updated Dorico 5 on Mac . Creating a Project Patterns (using it as a title) with multiple exercises (as flows). In following screenshots I have appropriate settings for using template. But inserted template causes an orphan page and doesn’t show any changes for Title as result:
Settings for Pattern 1:


By inserting Pattern 2 the Pattern 1 dissepears automatically (though it needs to be stayed) + unwanted empty page:
Settings and Result:

By Title page the Border I designed for title , but as result it went on flows , + empty page, + no title page


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


There are so many things that could be going on.

I would be happy to take a look at your project and advise you but I am not going to try and guess what is happening without one.

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You have only put frames on the left page of each of your page template pairs.

Each page template has two sides, a left and right, to cover situations where you might need a certain page design to be different on odd-numbered pages vs even-numbered pages. Like page numbers being on the outside edge.

Open up your page templates in the page template editor, and use the “Copy L → R” button at the top to duplicate your left-page design onto the right-page. Click Apply, then Close, and all should be well.

For the border also appearing elsewhere, you need to check the Parent relationships between paragraph styles (in the Library > Paragraph Styles dialog). If you edit a paragraph style that is already set to be the Parent of other styles, your changes to the parent style cascade down to the children styles.

I would recommend perhaps creating a new paragraph style for your title page – you can create as many styles as you want, and it’s often a good idea to create a new one for where you want to use text in a specific or different context: that keeps the styling neatly categorised.

I dont need the template of the left side on each page, cause it will copy the Title "Pattern 1), instead I added the music frame on the right side. Now by applying it the empty page has disappeared, but I still dont have the Title PARREN 1 :

And The Pattern 2 is OK., it starts with Flow 10-11-12-13, (This is what need) But why the same flows are left in Pattern 1 ? I need to separate them and to bring completely to Pattern 2

You’ve added the design with the “Pattern 1” heading to the left page in your page template.

In your layout, the first page is a right page, because it’s an odd-numbered page.

You have some choices:

  • You could design 2 page templates for each design: one for the first page that pattern occurs on, and another for all subsequent pages that use the pattern. The benefit of this method would be you can keep the same page templates for pattern sets that start on left and right pages, and that only last 1 page, or need 4 pages, or… For each of these 2 page template designs, the pair of pages in the editor would be exactly the same.

(Ie following how Dorico is set up automatically: to have a First Page design for the first page of music, whether that’s a left or right page, and another design “Default” for all subsequent pages)

  • If you know that your patterns only ever need 2 pages, with the title on the top left, then you could make your layout start on an even-numbered page number, eg page 2. And then keep a single page template design per pattern: with the heading on the left page, and no heading on the right page.

Actually, I think you can achieve what you want without needing separate page templates for every pattern, using a different flow token. Give me a sec, I’ll whip up something.

OK here you go :slight_smile:

  • The score uses two page templates: Default and “Pattern start”

  • The heading text frame at the top of “Pattern start” uses a token for “flow other info” – this picks up whatever is in the “Other information” field (in Project Info) for the flow at the top of that page

  • If you make sure that whichever flow is the first one in that set of patterns has the “PATTERN 1” etc text in its Other information field, the heading will show automatically

So all you would need to do to make this work is: add frame breaks at the start of the flows that are in the next set of patterns. You wouldn’t need to worry about whether they start on left or right pages: you’ll see in this example that both work using the same templates.

This might be easier to manage than having a separate page template for each pattern, where you have to select the flows in the frame chain for that pattern manually?

pattern_template_example_LH.dorico (475.9 KB)

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I think you have a conceptual hurdle to overcome. Dorcio only uses half of a page template for each page of music. So it works out whether the first page is Left or Right and then uses the left or right side of the First Page Template as needed. It then goes on to use the (left or right) side of the next page template, and so on. This means, for most scores you never to need worry about whether your templates being applied to left or right pages!

It looks better and working with Your created Project is very easy (I have practiced with it and got how it works). However when I use a project which I have created, it causes now double pages.
Here are my settings now for First and Pattern pages:

And by inserting Title “PATTERN” in the “Other information” it causes double page:

Also which token should I use that in DEFOLT template the title repeats the tittle of patterns with small letters (Pattern1, Pattern 2, Pattern 3 etc?). I have tried {@flowotherinfo@} but as result I got an empty field

Flows 10-19 are appearing twice because the music frame on the PATTERNS page template is not the same as on the First page template.

Look at the top left of the music frame: PATTERNS has a menu that says “MJ”, whereas First is “MA”. If you edit PATTERNS so that it’s also set to the “MA” frame chain, then your music will flow between these templates in one continuous stream.

(You can use frame chain filters to control which flows specifically appear in certain frames, but until you’ve got your head around how that works, I would recommend sticking to one frame chain.)

{@flowotherinfo@} will pick up the Other information field from whichever flow is at the top of the page. If the flow at the top of the page (say, flow 6) doesn’t have anything in that field, then it won’t show anything.

Perhaps you could add the pattern title to the Other information field for all flows in that pattern? It would be a little bit of work to set up, copying and pasting the PATTERN 1 etc text to all the relevant flows, but that would mean you can trust that whichever flow in the pattern ends up at the top of the page, the running header will display the right pattern. (Of course, if you move flows to other patterns, you would need to update this text manually.)