Inserting the title page for a score and all of its linked parts.

Dear users and developers.

According to the following video,, we should insert the title page on each part.

It means we should repeat the inserting phase 25 times if we write an orchestral piece for 2-2-2-2, 4-3-3-1, 1 timpani player and five string parts.
Do we have a way to create the same title page for the score and all the linked parts?

I’d create one new master page based on “none”, containing the pertinent information and using tokens wherever possible (certainly {@layoutname@} or {@stafflabelsfull@} ). You’ll need to create one more new master page based on “none” for the score.

So yeah, as things stand you need to insert 26 times, but you only need to create the Master page twice.

The thing that could take considerably longer is redoing staff spacing work. If you insert pages, the music on all following pages shifts to what is technically a different frame. If you’ve manually moved staves or systems up or down, you’ll lose that work and have to start over. For this reason, it’s very important that - if you do this sort of work - you get your title pages inserted first.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I do almost the same way as your suggestion.

However, it would really great if we can simplify the 26-time repetitive inserting phase…

This is such a common procedure that it would be worth being able to ‘insert title page’ and it not affect anything on later pages.

What happens, if we choose “First” in the third row whilst creating a new Masterpage? Isn’t this then automatically added as Title page to all parts?

Nope. If you do that then a) it doesn’t get added to any layout automatically (because it doesn’t contain any music frames) and b) the actual first page of each layout takes on the Default master page, meaning it will generally lose its title/composer etc. (assuming you haven’t built all that stuff into the Flow Heading and told Layout Options to use Flow Headings on all flows).

“my bad” I was just guessing…
Thank you for the clarification pianoleo.