Inserting tuplets (CAN'T DO IT)

SOLUTION FOUND: It was a freaking bug, I restarted Dorico, did the exact same thing and now I managed to insert the first note to it’s right place INSIDE the triplet. Geez. An hour wasted.

UPDATE: It seems I was too hasty (also very frustrated) and it wasn’t a bug after all, it was most likely incorrect usage of the Insert mode. But since I was able to insert 2nd and 3rd note it didn’t occur that I was actually inserting notes AFTER 1st and 2nd notes, if that makes any sense.

I have trying to get my head around this and I just guess I’m stupid but the inserting tuplets is a hellish nightmare for me.

First I tried to insert three 8th notes, select them and press the tuplet-button and expected them to turn into a triplet. Nothing happened. Well, that would have been too intuitive I guess. Oookay.

Then I read the manual and learn that I can press “;” to activate tuplet function or whatever. Yes! I select those three notes and press “;” preparing to insert “3:2”…and nothing happens. Oookay.

I re-read the manual and figure out that I need to select a tuplet first before inserting any notes and can’t convert the old ones. Oookay.

Next try from scratch. 1) I select an 8th-note, 2) I press key command “;” and write 3:2. Then I see three 8th note rests with triplet mark added below them.Hmm…Oookay.

So I guess I just replace the rests in the rest-triplet with actual 8th-notes. And surely I can do that for the second and third rest but why ou why the first note always goes outside of the triplet even if the carrot is dead-on on the top of the first rest of the triplet?

I have now tried for half hour and haven’t successfully entered a triplet.
Edit- Make that an hour. Whatever I do I can’t replace that first rest of the triplet with a note.

I’m seriously pulling my hair out of frustration(s) this program has given me.

As you have discovered the hard way, you can’t (yet) make existing notes into triplets/tuplets…

When you see the three triplet rests, the first note you enter, by typing, clicking the mouse or playing a midi keyboard, should replace the first rest, so you must be doing something wrong … :question:

Well I wasn’t, just got it to work. And do you know how? I shut down Dorico and loaded my project again. IT WAS A FREAKING BUG. Geez. Who I bill for this hour spent wasted?

But thanks fratveno for trying to help anyway.

Did you have ‘insert’ mode enabled when you tried to write the first note under the tuplet? That would explain the (deliberate) behaviour, which moves out everything at and after the caret. Restarting Dorico would have disabled the insert mode.

Can’t verify, but that was probably it. Updated the first post accordingly. Still, tuplet behaviour is extremely unintuitive to me. Thanks.

Has this tuplet-problem (turning non-tuples notes into tuplets and vice versa) been already somewhat solved?

Marco_polo it’s not a bug; it’s design.
You can’t turn regular notes into tuplets. Use ; to add a triplet wherever you want it, and then input the notes.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

It’s perfectly logical, isn’t it?

Finale: simple input: pitch before duration. Then use the tuplet tool to convert existing notes into tuplets. Does what you want
Finale: speedy input: pitch before duration, but tuplet before pitch before duration. Doesn’t do what you want
Musescore: duration before pitch. Possible in “normal” mode to convert a single note into the first note of a tuplet (e.g. a selected quarter note becomes a triplet eighth note followed by two triplet eighth note rests). Doesn’t do what you want
Sibelius: duration before pitch. Possible to convert a single note into the first note of a tuplet (e.g. a selected quarter note becomes a triplet quarter note followed by two quarter note rests). Doesn’t do what you want

Dorico: duration before pitch. Doesn’t do what you want At least it correctly copies and pastes tuplets, from any point in a beat to any other point in any other beat. That’s more than can be expected from the competition.

Whatever is going wrong, it’s probably something to do with using insert mode.

There is a difference between “inserting a complete triplet” and “inserting individual notes into a triplet”. You probably don’t want to do the second one, since the triplet is already the correct length!

To create a triplet when NOT in insert mode, do this:

  • Select the note value
  • Press ;
  • Type the ratio in the popover, hit enter
    (You should now have a triplet containing rests)
  • Change the note value if required (e.g. you want to create a triplet of 8th notes that is actually a quarter + an 8th)
  • Enter the notes.

If you enter too many notes to fit in one triplet, you create more triplets as required, until you press :

To INSERT a complete triplet in the score, do this:

  • Put the cursor where you want to insert the triplet
  • Make sure you are in input mode
  • Press ;
  • Type the ratio in the popover, hit enter
    (You should now have a triplet containing rests)
  • *** Press I to leave insert mode *** (I think that is the step you were not doing)
  • Enter the notes for exactly one triplet.
  • Press :

You can ADD a string of triplets, but you can only INSERT one triplet at a time.

Entering notes in triplets when you are in insert mode is confusing, and too complicated to explain (and I don’t fully understand it anyway!) Just don’t go there…

Rob, I believe marco_polo’s problem (which is what we’re discussing, given he dredged up a slightly unrelated thread from 7 months ago) is how to turn the first bar here into the second bar here, or how to turn the second bar into the first bar. With or without insert mode, it ain’t possible!

Actually, you can turn the second bar into the first bar by deleting the triplets in insert mode.

D’oh. Course you can. But not the other way round.

Yes, that’s the precise issue which made me add my drivel to this thread. Thanks for visualizing!

Well as fkretlow’s mentioned, you can turn triplets into regular notes by deleting the numbers/ratios with Insert mode on, but you can’t turn regular notes into triplets.

It is currently not possible to turn regular notes into tuplets. However, with 1.1 there is a workaround that might be a little better than just reentering.

  • cut the notes you want to turn into tuplets
  • create empty tuplets that will cover the duration of the notes
  • enable chord mode
  • paste at the first rest under the first empty tuplet

This should paste into the tuplets, leaving the tuplets correct as they are.

We will of course add better functionality for this operation in future.

Thanks StefanF - you learn something new every day!

thank you for the workaround - just glad to know there is a way to do it!